Photo:350x350 mm, Text:240x170 mm

Janneke is named after Eddy's daughter and Eddy is my best friend in this apartment block.
Four years ago, when I visited him for the first time, I didn't know he had a daughter, so I was surprised when she suddenly came out from the bedroom. At that time, I was talking about the sort of personal issue that I don't normally talk about in front of women and children. But Janneke didn't seem to be interested in it. She didn't pay attention to us and walked away.

She's an artist, but unlike Toshie, Janneke doesn't like to talk much. She's shy, maybe even more complicated and difficult than Toshie. For me, she is always primarily the daughter of my important friend. In front of her, I care about what I say.
She likes to sing. I know that because I heard her voice everyday at six o'clock in the morning, when she was still living in this apartment. She has beautiful red hair.

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