I am a visual artist and filmmaker based in Denmark.

I investigate people’s personal memories and stories in and around specific places, specially focusing on over-looked or disregarded ones. I am interested in how narratives are curated and structured, how microscopic stories of individuals or small local cities can challenge on greater structure creating public narratives and how they can participate in suggesting different/new perspectives at geo-political level.

Territory, property, home – ambiguous boundaries between affection, ownership and power often comes into question during my search. I find “participation” and/or “becoming” are important notion as well as the acts to understanding the relationship between the one and the others and the whole. I often work with people without professional background as actors, not only because of their authenticity but also for creating human relationships as part of my artistic process. I also involve myself, my own body as part of the role-holders in the narrative arrangements. By applying performative aspect of photography or film, I explore the process of image/narrative arrangements and the transformative moments when memories (re)occur like rituals – a gradual healing for the memories in and around the places –. I like seeing the potential of bodies in the places where I investigate and helping to expand the bodies’ inner-territories, by collapsing hierarchical levels of emotions and thoughts, in the way like weaving boundaries between substantial and transcendental spaces. The place, the body and the boundary work together and are, in my opinion, inextricably linked to creating changes in common understanding. 

My research is often result in films, performances or photographic installations.

Toshie Takeuchi 2021