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Doris was a sixty-two-year-old English lady I met seven years ago, when I was playing a computer game called Animal Taming. She was a cripple.
She was one of the two most important ladies of my life at one point in time.
I was taming a dragon that could fight for me. She was taming grey wolves. We were very good friends for one year. I liked her a lot. But she gradually started changing her attitude. She started blaming other people. She became a jealous woman and often wrote bad things on the forum board about other ladies I played with. I didn't understand it and told her to stop. I didn't really like that.
Jealousy is the stupidest feeling that humans can have. I stopped contacting her for a year and a half. After that, she contacted me again and told me that she had been sick and bedridden for thirty years. I didn't believe that. Then, she invited me to visit her.

I visited her house in Newcastle. The first time, for week; the second time, for two weeks. Then, five or six weeks... Her house was like a cottage placed on a hill. There were eight or nine similar looking houses along the hill road. She was living alone, but sometimes her son and two parrots visited her. The parrots mimicked the noise of the computer game all the time. I slept in a room that was next to Doris's bedroom.
There were three carers: one in the morning, one in the afternoon and then one in the evening. So I didn't have to do anything. I was playing the computer game in the room next to hers and she was playing it from her bed in front of the big TV screen. We kept our doors open so that it was always possible to talk. I made coffee for her three times a day and went to a Chinese restaurant to buy food.

It didn't matter whether I was at her house or at home, because we were playing the game all the time. But she wanted to have company and we had a lot of fun. She couldn't stand up or walk on her own, but fortunately she could move her hands. I think it was good for her that she could play computer games. There, she could walk. She was in pain all the time, unless she stayed in bed. She liked to play because she could forget the pain.

After I started adopting the dogs, I stopped visiting her. I just didn't have time. But we still chatted from time to time and I told her that I named my new dog, Doris. I thought she would like it and she actually did. Now, I don't know... But I think she died.
Once, she asked me to kill her and I was shocked. She really did ask me. She was afraid that her disease was getting worse and in the end, only pain would remain in her, but no memories of anyone. I promised her, “Don't worry, if you really want to die, I'll come and kill you.” I didn't mean it, but just wanted to calm her down. I cried, but I didn't visit her anymore.

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