Photo:250x400 mm (in separate frames) Text:250x180 mm

Nina was eighteen years old, a very nice lady from Amsterdam. She bought a puppy from me.
Two weeks after buying it, she called me to say that she wanted to exchange her puppy, because of an allergy. She came to my house again and chose the one that I liked most, whose name was India. So, I kept the one she brought back and I named it after her, Nina.

Nina visited my house ten times after that. She brought all kinds of people with her – her cousins, friends and a boyfriend – to play with my dogs. We sat on this couch and talked about many things: about dogs, a house that she wanted to buy, and her family. She openly talked about her own plans and her business. She was selling many things on the internet auction site. She was honest.
Sometimes we went for coffee at the baker's in the shopping center and we went to a pet shop to buy medicines for her dog. But we don't talk to each other anymore.
I think the thing that ruined our friendship was the little fridge. And I think her parents didn't like her hanging around with me. I was a big threat for them. I brought the fridge to her parents' house and they said to me, “It's very ugly”, although I had been cleaning it for two hours.
But it was not my mistake; Nina said she wanted it.
The mistake was that I should have known that she wanted it just to be friendly.

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Lisa is named after a friend of Nina's who came to my house twice. She was a very good looking girl. I fell in love with her in one second.
They said they always hung out together. Lisa was friendly and a nice girl but she didn't talk so much.

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