Photo:400x400 mm, Text:290x215 mm

Orsa is named after a forty-year-old Italian lady. She ran an Italian restaurant in Germany.
She was one of the two most important ladies of my life at one point in time.
When I got to know her, she was in a virtual land and being attacked by the other four players. She called me and said: “I am being killed.” I went to help her. But as I was on the other side of the world, I had to travel for an hour and a half to get to her. I saw that she was being attacked by twenty fighters. We were only two against twenty – in a very empty landscape – in a big desert. We fought continuously for five or six hours and killed them all.
In the end, people started complaining that we were unfair.

Since then, we had so much fun together for years and years until I stopped playing the game. When her restaurant was not busy, she switched on her computer. We played two hours every day. But she was married to someone, so I didn't get very personal with her. I was always worried that I was taking too much time from her. She had a husband and two children: a daughter and a son. She had a life and other things that she had to spend time on. I respect a woman who is married. Because she is a quality woman, it is better for her to have many children. It doesn't matter with whom. It is good for society that good women have more babies.

Orsa never disagreed with me. She was always a loyal friend, and because she was socially highly skilled, she played with many other players, not only me. She was always open to anybody – it didn't matter if they were twelve, thirty or sixty. She was the kind of woman who treated everybody as an equal. She could offer excitement to all kinds of people. All men had to love her.

At one point, I wished to meet her and we agreed that I would visit her restaurant. But I never did. I have never seen her face and I don't have to see it.
Because I knew that she was very beautiful.
She was the best woman in the world.

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