Photo:400x400 mm, Text:300x230 mm

Toshie is named after a Japanese lady who was living with Eddy. She is a friend of Janneke and an artist who makes movies.
Many times I had to drive a car to help her. Normally, people who I know don't put so much effort into things, but she does. I think that it has to do with duty. Toshie is a more dutiful person than me. I like the sound of her name – short and exotic.

The first time I met her was one evening when I visited Eddy for couple of coffees. The three of us had coffee together in the living room. She cooked dinner for us- it was miso soup with poke in a little bowl. And I thought: “This little girl who comes from such a sophisticated country and who doesn't know anything about Barbarian culture – it's going to be difficult.” After all, how many times do you see a flamingo jump into a big swimming pool with ten pigs?
She stayed in this apartment for few months.

Nice that Toshie was staying with Eddy, because it was amusing to see that she was invading his space. They were like Goldilocks sitting in the Goldilocks zone.

Goldilocks walked in the forest and came into the three bears' house.
She said, “This porridge is too hot.” “This porridge is too cold.”
And she tasted the last one and ate all up.
She said “This porridge is just right!”
She did things exactly how she wanted.
In the end, the bears found her sleeping in the little bed.
Goldilocks ran out the door and never came back to the bears.

After Toshie left, I bought a DVD, Shogun, and watched it with Eddy.
One day, she came back to see us and I teased her by greeting her in Japanese. She liked it. She also came to my house to meet the dog, and then I found out that she was actually pretty strange. I didn't understand exactly what made her get offended, but she seemed to be thinking something like, “Oh my god, he wants to sleep with me!” She's difficult and complicated.

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