Video and Installation
Variable sizes
VillaK/Stichting Centrum, Netherlands 2013

In this video of city intervention, six palm trees are placed on a blue car. A camera follows the car from behind. It drives on a sort of ring route, on which international judicial organizations, which define the city's face, are situated. The Hague is called International City of Peace and Justice and hosts about 160 different international organizations. The Hague thanks the presence of the international communities for encouraging world peace. However, the Hague also thanks them for encouraging the economical rise of the city.

The video is a first outcome of my ongoing research project In-between-zone, which challenges on the subjects; territories, borders and political limbo spaces. I am particularly interested in embassies placed between nation and international laws.

The starting point of the drive was a squatted embassy of DR Congo, where many artists live, work and host alternative cultural events. That day was the last day of confirmation of charges and hearings of Laurent Gbagbo, a former president of Ivory Coast. That week, there were big protests in front of ICC by his supporters, who are against of the charge. Many people found the case unacceptable due to its politically stragetized character and many incomprehensible aspects. But these people are minorities. I simply felt an urge to react towards this event in my way.

A day presentation, Work-in-Progress=Towards was placed in the former embassy of DR Congo. It questions on ambiguity of laws, international political relationships, interventions and its consequences and effects. But more over, it is an attempt to open dialogue on more basic question; how do we define borders, territories, thus countries, home or even private and public space?

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